Onion Lunga di Firenze (42-23)

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Onion Lunga de Firenze — Long of Florence. Long (4 inch) narrow red onion. Wider in middle than the ends. Mild, sweet taste. Beautiful. Medium/long day type. Mid season harvest. Use in salads, grilled or on skewers. Direct seed or transplant. 4 gram packet.


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Bob 13th Aug 2014

Wonderfully sweet when cooked.

Must grow more next year.

19th Jan 2014

long season

grew these in a large pot, and i've been harvesting them, a few at a time, for most of a year. their flavor is nice--not too sharp, but some heat with the sweet. i love to slice them onto pizza, or into a salad. lovely light purple color, not too big so you don't have to refrigerate half an onion.

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