Wild Arugula Selvatica Extra (115-2)

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Arugula/Rucola Selvatica (Wild Arugula). The finest selection of wild arugula, restaurant quality. Compared to regular arugula, it is slower growing (50 days), with more deeply lobed leaves and a more pungent taste. Scatter seeds about 1 inch apart. Harvest at any stage but best when baby: 3-4 inches. Make frequent plantings for a continuous harvest. 3 gram packet.


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Georgie Bucca 11th Jun 2016

Great Start

Harvested first batch today and pleasantly surprised. A little bit of a pungent after taste just like a fine wine. Going to try cooking Chicken Milanese and put to the test.

DV 30th Dec 2013

true sylvetta

Arugala fans must try this one. This is the real deal, with delicately serrated leaves and a stronger, more pungent arugala flavor. Great mixed in with a salad or on its own.

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