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Scheduling the Fall Garden

Scheduling the Fall Garden

Posted by Lynn Byczynski on 24th Jul 2022

When planning your fall garden, you first need to write down two dates: the date when there is a 50% chance of a light frost (32*F) and the date when there is a 50% chance of a freeze (28F). You can find this information by putting your zip code into this calculator.

If you have row cover like our  fleece blanket or fleece easy tunnel, you can expect about 2 degrees of frost protection, so you can move your planting dates back a bit. Or just know that your row cover will keep your crops alive through the first light frosts.

The table below tells you how many weeks before your first frost and first freeze you should start fall crops.

Weeks Before Average Frost Date (32 degrees)

16 weeks — CeleryCeleriacFennelPeas

12 weeks — CarrotsOnionsPeas, Daikon radish, Rutabaga

10 weeks — Beans, BeetsChard, Chinese Cabbage, EndiveEscaroleKohlrabiLettuceRadishSpinachTurnips

Weeks Before Average Hard Freeze Date (28 degrees)

16 weeks — Brussels sproutsCabbageKaleLeeks

12 weeks — BroccoliCauliflowerChicory, Collards