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Posted by Lynn Byczynski on 24th Jul 2022

When planning your fall garden, you first need to write down two dates: the date when there is a 50% chance of a light frost (32*F) and the date when there is a 50% chance of a freeze (28F). You can find this information by putting your zip code into this calculator. If you have row cover like our  fleece blanket or fleece easy tunnel, you can expect about 2 degrees of frost protection, so you can move your planting dates back a bi… Read more

Posted by Lynn Byczynski on 17th Feb 2022

At Seeds from Italy, we sell 30 varieties of lettuce and five salad mixes that contain lettuce. Sometimes customers will ask “What’s your best lettuce?” That’s like asking “What’s the prettiest color?” Or “What’s the best ice cream flavor?” The best lettuce, like most things in life, depends on your taste. What we can tell you is that all varieties of lettuce have nutritional benefits. They provide nutrients, antioxidants, and dietary f… Read more