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Posted by Seeds from Italy on 7th Apr 2020

Arugula is one of those typically Italian vegetables that has become mainstream in America. And for good reason. It's a delicious green, with a lot more flavor than lettuce, plus it's quick and easy to grow. We offer three types and here is a quick explanation of how they differ:Arugula Coltivata is the quickest of all types, ready to pick in just 30 days from direct seeding. It tends to be most responsive to temperatures, changing leaf shap… Read more

Posted by Lynn Byczynski on 18th Jun 2016

Arugula, or rucola, is such an important part of our diet around here that we try to keep it growing all year long. It’s actually fairly easy to grow in winter, because it loves cool weather and can tolerate a frost. Summer’s heat is a much bigger obstacle to having a steady supply. Here’s our strategy:We direct seed arugula coltivata several times throughout the spring and we plant enough that we can cut a small amount whenever we need it. Once… Read more