Bean Cannellino (56-7)

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Cannelini Bean - Cannellino. Small white beans for soups & stews. Bush. Easy to grow. 65 or so days. You can pick them small and use as a fresh bean if you wish. Plant after soil has warmed up well. One seed every two inches @ 3/4 inch deep. Space rows 12 inches. Thin to one plant/six inches. Pick when pods are full and have started to dry out. Shell and store in glass container with a lid.


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Samantha 30th Apr 2014

Easy to grow, wonderful to eat!

I grew cannellino beans because when I travel in Italy, particularly Tuscany, one of my favorite dishes is Cannellino beans in olive oil with sage. Problem-- when I return to the US the beans are hard to find and often a little pricy (at least for a bean). So why not grow my own? So I did and they were wonderful! Easy to grow, pick and shell. After we harvested the beans, I whipped up a pot of Cannellinos in olive oil with sage, a-la Tuscan style and my husband flipped for them They are smooth, creamy with a slightly sweet flavor -- truly a delight in our garden.

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