Winter Squash Butternut Rugosa (Wrinkled Butternut) (145-15)

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Butternut Rugosa. Very large butternut type. Ribbed with 'wrinkled' skin. Very sweet and tasty, and much more interesting than the common butternut. Productive and a good keeper. 100 or so days to maturity. Grow as any other winter squash or butternut. After danger of frost, plant in full sun, in rich soil, with plenty of drainage. Large sprawling plant, so give them some room, at least 3-6 feet apart. They can be direct seeded, 1 inch deep, but thin to at least 3 feet. Can also be grown from transplants in regions with shorter growing seasons. Set out a 3-4 week old plant, taking care to not damage the root ball. Approximately 35 seeds. 5 gram packet.


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N.R. McVay 25th Mar 2017

Fantastic disease resistance and pest tolerance.

Our community garden was plagued by cucumber beetles (Diabrotica speciosa), squash bugs (Anasa tristis), and squash vine borers (Melittia cucurbitae) last year. The cucumber beetles in particular were a problem, as they are the primary vector of bacterial wilt in cucurbits (Erwinia tracheiphila); all of the squash were annihilated come July. As a testament to its vigor and apparent resistance/tolerance to both disease and insect pressure, however, this cultivar continued on without much of a problem. On account of this worthwhile predisposition, in conjunction with its excellent table quality, I would definitely recommend 'Butternut Rugosa' for trial in Southern Wisconsin.

Maya 17th May 2013

Best Butternut Squash

This was the first and best butternut squash I've ever grown. The flavor is superb. It is massive, which adds time to it's preparation so last year I chose to grow a more manageable sized butternut, Waltham. No comparison. The extra effort this squash takes pays back in richness and depth of flavor. As long as I have the space for it, I will always grow this variety. Stores for me for about 9 months. The roasted seeds are delicious!

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