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Bean Spagna Bianco (55-6ME)

from $6.10
Pole bean Spagna Bianco = White Spanish.  (Phaseolus vulgaris). Grows 7-8 feet. Good production of fresh shell or dry beans. Produces green flat pods 5-9 inches long with 5-6 huge white seeds. Makes great soup or the perfect contorno. If you pick...

Bean Super Marconi (57-30)

from $3.50
Pole Roma. This is the Roma type bean seen all over Italy in markets. Beans will grow to 10 inches and remain tender. You can begin picking them at 5-6 inches. Very meaty. Makes a wonderful bean salad. Like all pole beans, keep picking to encourage...

Bean Trionfo Violetto (57-24)

from $3.50
Bean Trionfo Violetto. Purple climbing French type bean. 75 days. Beautiful bean, long, slim and very crisp. Makes a stunning fresh bean salad when mixed with one of our green and yellow french beans. Turns green when cooked. Like most French type...

Bean Vanguard (59-51)

from $3.50
Bean Vanguard. Long, round, dark green bush bean. Tastes almost as good as a pole bean. I brought them in based on a customer's recommendation: "Best bean he had ever eaten." He was right. They are as good as they get. 40 gram packet. Approx. 100 seeds...

Bean Yard Long Stringa a Grano Bruno (57-31)

from $3.50
Yard Long Bean. This bean is very popular in Italy. Sets a long, slim and crisp bean with good taste. It needs warm weather, so do not seed until soil has warmed up well, around the same time you would set out tomatoes or a week or so after the last...

Bean Yellow Anellino (58-4)

from $3.50
Bean Yellow Anellino. Another Italian heirloom. Yellow pole type anellino bean. Roma taste, but with an amazing curve to them. Lovely color, taste and texture. Good producer. 25 gram packet. 25-35 seeds. To see our growing guide for beans, click here.

Beet Chioggia (11-13)

from $3.50
Chioggia. Pronounced "Key-o-gia" Round red beet with alternating white/red stripes inside. The sweetest beet you will ever eat. Even people who do not like beets love these. Tops are very nice and braised like spinach. Plant from date of last frost. Make...

Beet Cylindra (11-14)

from $3.50
Beet Cylindra. Long beet (5 x 2 inch) so you get lots of uniform-sized slices. 60 days. Sweet like most beets the Italians favor. Tops are red/purple and of very good eating quality. 7 gram packet. 450-500 seeds. To see our growing guide for...

Beet Egitto Migliorata (11-2)

from $3.50
Very flat red beet shaped like a cipolla onion. Excellent taste. Very sweet beet; no earthy taste to these. Nice red tops. Beautiful tops become dark bronze/red in cool weather. Ready in 55-60 or so days. 7 gram pack. To see our growing guide for...

Broccoli of Calabria (25-23)

from $3.50
Broccoli of Calabria. Traditional variety from Southern Italy. Compact. Early with a medium-sized head which is 4-5 inches across. Vigorous producer of large side shoots which form after main head is cut. If you let it produce side shoots, space it at 24...