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Chicory Rosa

Pink Chicory, known in Italy as Radicchio La Rosa del Veneto, is a mid-late variety that should be started in late summer for harvest in cold weather. It is a heading chicory with a vivid pink color and subtle pink markings. The leaves are full, crunchy,...
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Chicory Spadona (40-1)

from $3.50
Chicory Spadona. Cutting chicory for salads. Long leaves, very thin, almost non-existent stem. Leaves are rounded and smooth without any serration. Fast grower - 30 days to early cutting. Will regrow after cutting but it is just as easy and the quality...

Chicory Zuccherina di Trieste (40-18)

from $3.50
Chicory Zuccherina di Trieste. Fast grower. Heart-shaped, light green leaves with almost no ribbing and very tiny stems. 30 days to cutting size. Will regrow after cutting, but it is just as easy and quality is higher if you succession plant. Sow seeds...

Cima di Rapa Novantina (41-5)

from $3.50
Cima di Rapa Novantina. 50-55 days to maturity (even though novantina means ninety). Largest head of the three cima di rapa. Very assertive taste. Can be grown from transplants but easiest from direct seed. Spring, summer, fall. One seed/inch in rows 12...

Cima di Rapa Quarantina (41-2)

from $3.50
Cima de Rapa Quarantina. One of the earliest rapa's at 28-33 days, depending on the weather. A small plant, 8-10" tall. Can be planted in spring as early as the soil can be worked. Good for summer and fall also. 12 gram packet, approximately 4,500 seeds.

Cima di Rapa Quarantina (40 day) Cima Grossa Fasanese (41-96)

from $4.50
From the Bari region of Italy. For spring, summer, or fall. Nice tasting with a large florette. Direct seed 1'' apart in rows 12'' apart in fertile soil. Thin to 6 inches apart or plants will be small. Pick entire plant or just the head. It will sprout...

Cima di Rapa Sessantina (41-4)

from $3.50
Cima di Rapa Sessantina. 60 days, but actually it is ready in 30-35 days in our Massachusetts trial gardens. 12-14 inches high, fairly thick stem. Spring, summer, fall. Great bitter-sweet taste Italians love. Succession plant weekly for a continuous...

Cima di Rapa Sessantina Riccia di Sarno (41-95)

A 60 day Cima di Rapa (Brassica rapa sylvestris esculenta). This is a nice selection from Southern Italy. Excellent flavor, slightly bitter and sweet at the same time. Large plants that need to be thinned to every 6 inches in rows 12 inches apart. 15...

Cucumber Beit (Beth) Alpha (38-16)

from $3.50
Cucumber Beit Alpha. These mideast type cucumbers have a very thin skin, absolutely no bitterness, are mild, productive over a long season, one of the earliest to produce, and should go until a frost. In short, they are one of the best all-around...

Cucumber Lungo Verde Ortolani (37-7)

from $3.50
Cucumber Lungo Verde degli Ortolani. Long, dark green cucumber that grows to 10". Excellent taste. Crisp. Very Productive. Trellis for straightest fruit. Approximately 150 seeds.